Best in Class Video. Based in Nashville.

As a creative production company based in Nashville, TN, we provide full-service video production, brand photography, and social media marketing services to companies in Nashville and throughout the United States.

We partner with small businesses to large corporations in a variety of industries that want to use powerful stories and creative content to connect with their audiences and reach their marketing goals.

Let us help you tell your story.

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Trust by Nashville Businesses You Know

We work with brands of all types to tell a story, showcase testimonials, work with influencers, recruit top talent, showcase products and services, and more. Whatever your project is, we help brands like Amazon and HCA bring their stories to life and make their audiences feel an instant connection through video marketing.

The Cumberland team have done an incredible job bringing our stories to life. From the initial meeting to final delivery, Cumberland Creative skillfully managed every detail of the project.

Erin Holt, Communications Manager

Here’s What to Expect


  • Inital meeting: We will meet to discuss the details of your project.
  • Proposal: Get a customized proposal for executing your project.
  • Create a plan: We optimize timelines and budgets to achieve your goals for your video production, photography, and/or social media marketing project.


  • Project Management: Your dedicated project manager will keep you updated and informed every step of the way.
  • Execution: We create custom content to boost your brand’s audience engagement.
  • Approval: You review and approve every phase of the project to ensure the end result fits your vision.


  • Editing: Our production team uses their skills to create custom content to boost your brand’s audience engagement.
  • Delivery: We deliver your finished product in the best formats so you can utilize the content for your brand.


  • Editing: We take care of all color correction, graphic creation, music and audio mastering.
  • Deployment: We’ll deploy your content, and run impactful social media campaigns for maximum visibility.

Telly Award-Winning Projects

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a professional video cost?

  • The answer is it varies.  For example: You can make a 60 second ad for $3-4K or 3-4M if you want to feature Lebron James in it. We can scale to your ideal budget to maximize the production value for the budget you are comfortable investing.

How long does it take to make a video from start to finish?

  • This can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the project. On average, we typically estimate 2-4 weeks for pre-production shooting, production can take anywhere from 1-5 days, and post-production requires 4-6 weeks to deliver the edited and finalized video for your approval.

What does the video production process typically look like?

  • We have a tried and true three step process: Pre-production, production, post production. Our Account Management and Project Management team will guide you seamlessly through the process.
  • Pre production is the planning stages. This is where we figure out the what, where, when, how and why. We leave pre-production with a production plan that clearly details every minute of our production days and is shared with all clients, crew, talent etc to make sure everyone is on the same page for production.
  • Production is light camera action. There is no guessing what’s next. We fully map out projects and follow the plan.
  • After shoot day wraps we officially enter post-production. Our directors work with our editing team to put together the story and deliver a first proof for your viewing.

What does your crew typically look like?

  • It varies widely, we have some shoots with a two person crew and some with a 30 person crew. However, on average the crews are 3-5 people including the Director, DP, AC, Producer, and PA’s as needed.

Do you only shoot in Nashville?

  • No! We travel all over the country shooting for our clients.

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